Africa Political Risk Analysis

Economic Analysis - Key Themes For 2017 - FEB 2017

A modest rebound in oil and metals prices will offer long-awaited relief to Sub-Saharan Africa's economic outlook, bolstering fiscal revenues, reducing downward pressure on currencies and tempering...

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Economic Analysis - Tokyo Unlikely To Expand Influence In Africa - APR 2014

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's three country tour of Africa indicates that Tokyo is seeking to expand its political and economic links to the continent. While Japanese firms are influential in certain sectors of the African economy - notably automotives - we doubt that Prime Minister Abe will succeed in establishing his country as a major player in the region. Japanese demand for natural...


Economic Analysis - SSA Economic Outlook - Q1 2014 - Review And Preview - MAR 2014

We forecast that economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa will pick up steam in 2014 due to improving global demand and sustained momentum for domestically-driven economic activity. Over the coming 12 months, we will be keeping a close eye on several key issues including the South African elections, new eurobond issuance and the transition of central bank governor in Nigeria.